Pharmaceutical Sales Career Outlook

While the number of pharmaceutical sales jobs available is nowhere near the number of jobs that were available 5 or 6 years ago, job openings are steadily rising. With the proper type of education and skill sets, individuals should be able to find a position in a timely manner, as long as they remain persistent.

Jobs Increasing at a Steady Pace

While pharmaceutical sales job availability will differ from state to state and county to county, experts expect the number of jobs to rise 26% through 2016. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, many large pharmaceutical companies are growing and additional sales people will be needed to fulfill the company’s demands. In addition to that, since many people in the pharmaceutical field stay in the industry and move up to training or supervisor positions, additional talent will need to be hired to fill those original positions.

Issues with Available Positions

One of the issues with available positions in pharmaceutical sales is that there are a great number of individuals who have been laid off and are waiting to be re-hired once positions are available. Though the number of individuals waiting is lower than it has been in the last few years, this is one of the difficulties facing brand new pharmaceutical sales job candidates. Even with this number of individuals waiting to be re-hired, it’s not impossible for a man or woman fresh out of school to obtain a position with a large company. Like many other industries, timing and qualifications are important.

Opportunities to Advance

For young professionals who go into the pharmaceutical sales industry, the opportunities to advance are about the same as most other industries. One of the most common advanced positions is that of sales trainer, or someone who trains new salespeople for their positions. Supervisor positions are also common positions to advance to, and some pharmaceutical sales people advance to other positions within their companies, from quality control to advertising and marketing. There are also more varied opportunities with a pharmaceutical sales job than with many other types of jobs.

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In Comparison with Other Jobs

Pharmaceutical sales jobs are growing at a higher rate than many other jobs, and will always have good growth potential. As long as individuals are in need of medical care, pharmaceutical jobs will be available. Many conditions that were previously treated with physician care and hospital stays are now being treated with prescriptions and drugs to manage symptoms. This means pharmaceutical companies are growing rapidly, and will need more sales people to handle the demand and meet with other medical professionals in order to supply them with the drugs and equipment they need.

In order to increase chances of finding a position as a pharmaceutical sales representative, individuals can take additional courses that are complementary to the position. It can also help to begin studying a potential employer’s products and benefits in advance, to show initiative and convey how seriously the candidate is taking the position.

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