Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

In pharmaceutical sales, the entry level is technically a pharmaceutical sales representative, but the new employee will undergo comprehensive and in-depth training. Before the sales representative is sent out to meet with medical professionals and pitch drugs and equipment, they will get to know products inside and out, including what they’re replacing, the benefits, the side effects, and much more.

Independent Training

Some pharmaceutical companies may require independent training for pharmaceutical sales representatives. One of the most common places that professionals receive training is through the National Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives, or NAPRx. This association offers several different packages, including the Premier package, which offers a pharmaceutical sales manual, CNPR certification test, a 1-year NAPRx membership, quizzes, resume review, cover letter review and the NAPRx career center, which features job listings targeted to pharmaceutical sales professionals. The full price for the premium package is $329.

Qualifications for Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

While the qualifications will differ from one company to another, there are qualifications that the majority of companies require. A 4 year Bachelor’s degree is something most companies prefer their employees to have. In addition to that, they may require experience working in business-to-business situations, experience working in teams, specific technical aptitude, and excellent communication abilities. Some internship programs will allow individuals to gain experience in these specific scenarios so that they can claim to have experience when putting in resumes and filling in applications.

What are Entry Level Sales Reps Responsible For?

After training, entry level sales representatives will most likely be placed in the field to start selling the company’s products. Many companies will keep entry level representatives closer to home, operating within the local community and counties. As individuals gain more and more experience, they may be trusted to travel and meet with medical professionals in different counties and states. Many entry level sales representatives are provided with a region or a specific area that they are responsible for. This allows them to build relationships with those medical professionals and increases sales potential.

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How to Find Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Jobs

There are many different ways to find entry level pharmaceutical sales rep jobs. Online methods are quick and convenient, and individuals can check through a variety of jobs available in their area. Websites like Careerbuilder.com and Monster.com allow individuals to create filters so they can search for the specific jobs they’re interested in. Some future pharmaceutical sales reps can receive placement opportunities from their schools. Networking with individuals in the industry can also lead to career opportunities, especially if you put the word out that you’re looking for a position.

Entry level pharmaceutical sales representative jobs can lead to lifelong careers that are fulfilling and very lucrative. Whether you decide to go through an independent training program or rely on the company you’re going to work for to train you, it is a fast-paced career with the opportunity to make a difference in patients’ lives as well as the lives of the doctors who are treating those patients.

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