Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

Pharmaceutical sales jobs are wonderful for individuals who want to help patients indirectly, earn a great salary, would love the opportunity to travel in their job, and who work well under pressure. Fast-paced and demanding, pharmaceutical sales is also rewarding and lucrative. By understanding more about the industry and companies, individuals can determine whether they would be a good fit for the position.

Personal Satisfaction

Pharmaceutical sales positions have been analyzed and determined to be one of the most satisfying jobs an individual can get. According to CNN, the majority of individuals with careers in this industry felt that it was satisfying and that they had a high level of job security. In addition to that, individuals felt that having the job provided a benefit to the community. While this particular job received slightly lower scores when it came to stress and future growth, itís a job most professionals truly enjoy.

Largest Pharmaceutical Companies to Work For

Pfizer is currently the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, with its headquarters based in Manhattan, New York. Founded in 1849, the company is multinational and responsible for some of the most common drugs used by people all over the world. Novartis is based in Basel, Switzerland, but has branches all over the world. It comes in as the second largest pharmaceutical company, with sales coming in at about 46 billion dollars a year. Merck & Co is the third largest pharmaceutical company in the world, established in 1891 and headquartered in New Jersey.

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Number of Sales Representatives

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that sales representatives held just under 2 million jobs in the United States in 2010. As the growth of the pharmaceutical industry continues, even more individuals will hold pharmaceutical sales jobs because companies depend on their sales people to bring in the profits.

Benefits of Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

There are many benefits to this kind of career, including the ability to travel. Many sales representatives are able to set their own hours and work when itís best for them. However, the hours this kind of professional puts in will most often be irregular, and set hours each day are not common for sales representatives. About 25% of pharmaceutical sales professionals will work more than 40 hours a week. The most obvious benefit to this kind of job is the pay, which is above average.

There is a lot of competition for pharmaceutical sales positions, but individuals who are able to get into the industry quickly realize that the pay is outstanding as well as the ability to travel and build relationships with regular clients. Pharmaceutical jobs attract young individuals who are career-minded and goal-oriented, as well as those who are searching for an opportunity to advance within their company. Pharmaceutical jobs are challenging and require a lot of memorization, as well as the ability to communicate very well with a wide range of individuals.

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